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"If Love is a Boolean variable, then the value for it is always TRUE" - ARP


This is long pending. I have been planning to document my Wedding related stuffs for various reasons.

  1. First and foremost the most joyous moment in the wedding is not the actual ceremony, it is the entire process of planning and the preparation that happens before the wedding. Usually, everyone says that the Wedding Planning is a tedious one as it involves too many rituals and too many people’s interests. But when you have supportive parents and in-laws who put the couple’s happiness ahead of their’s then the entire planning journey is going to be amazing.  I want to document that amazing journey such that we will come back to see this post and relive the best day of our entire life.
  2. This wedding wouldn’t have happened without all these people – From friends to relatives, photographers to caterers. Each and everyone I am going to mention in this post made us feel so special on the most special day of our life. So, I wanted to thank them and register my gratitude for their amazing contribution
  3. Facebook memory la varusha varusham notification vanthu atha paathu — awww 5 years ago, 10 years ago nu post pottu ungala maari makkala kadupu etha thaan intha post 🙂


Arun is a happy go lucky guy who moved from Los Angeles to Chicago to begin his internship. There, he met the charming and sweet, Roshna. Soon a budding friendship turned into a tale of love between two people who were poles apart but equally crazy in love. She is an introvert, he is an extrovert; She is an indoor video game girl and he loves the outdoors; She loves books and he is a movie buff; She lives in her own imagination and he is more practical. He watched Harry Potter for her, She watched a cricket match for him; In the meanwhile, their parents watched them. 

Trump kitta irunthu kooda Green card vaangidalam aana India la appa amma kitta irunthu love ku Green Card vaangarathu iruke – athu oru periya process. Epdiyo rendu parents a yum convince panni we finally booked the marriage hall on March 31, 2017. Friends kitta lam normal ah getting married nu sollama different ah  personalized ah sollanum nu yosichu – we announced our wedding to the close friends and relatives by sending this link to the website.

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